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July's Regular Shows

Dr Anand Stira

06:30-07:00/am /Mon-Wed

Ps Yesu Paul

07:30-08:30/am /Sun

Pr Sam.P Chelladurai

08:30-10:00/am /Sun

Kadaisi Kala Adayalangal

12:00/noon & 12:00/am /Sun (rev every wed 10:30/pm)

Ps Visuvasam

11:00-12:00/pm /Sun

Dr Peter Solomon

05:30-06:00/am /Every-day

Aandavarodu 1/2-mani Neram

02:30-03:30/pm /Mon-Fri

Ps Sam.P Chelladurai

09:00-09:30/pm /Every-day

Pr Gideon Jacob

05:00-06:00/pm /Mon

Pr Gideon Jacob

06:00-07:00/pm /Tue

Dr Jayapaul

03:30-04:00/pm /Mon-Fri

Dr Anand Stira

01:00-01:30/am /Mon-Sun(except tue)

Pr Sam.P Chelladurai

03:30-05:00/pm /Sat

Bro Stephen cars

11:00-11:30/pm /Every-day

Pr sathish Kumar

10:00-10:30/pm /Every-day

Dr Jaya Paul

07:00-07:30/pm /Mon-Fri


01:30-02:00/pm /Mon-Fri

Bible Uncle ( Rising Star )

04:30/pm /Every-Tue

Bible Uncle ( Rising-Star )

04:30/pm /Every-Thus

Bible Uncle

05:30/pm /Every-Sat

Bro Rajan, KK dt

12:30-01:00/am /Every-day

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